Bubble Bobble pattern

As the first entry I’m posting this pattern with six Bubble Bobble characters. The sprites I took from the Shyguy Kingdom. It’s made for easy printing so that even kids could use it for their perler bead works.

I started with the BB figures as they are simple but still really great. I need these simple patterns for testing my skills and methods. I will post more this kind of stuff in the near future. The next post will though have something done from this pattern. I have already plans for big projects but I’m first trying to learn to do things properly. I’m collecting these patterns also to the separate “My Patterns” page.


5 comments so far

  1. Ryan on

    awesome! just what I needed for minecraft

  2. adrian on

    using these for Pushmo. Thanks 🙂

  3. heamogoblin on

    Awesome stuff!

  4. Andrii Serba on

    I found modern remake of this game called Bubble Bobble: Legacy, it in beta version but pretty playable I http://www.zookagame.com/bubble-bobble-legacy/beta-download.html

  5. […] Bubble Bobble pattern. Via Peukalo […]

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