Perler bead boxes

I helped my kids to make perler bead boxes. They made all the perler bead images and I did only the ironing. As you can see the kids combined Mario and Bubble Bobble images. The used Mario and bullet sprites are not from the pattern I posted previously but from the original Super Mario Bros. game.

I’m not sure how others have attached the sides but I used the iron to make them stick together.


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  1. bethanial11 on

    I haven’t done any boxes myself, but I’ve seen the edges held together with clear lacing, glue (I prefer using low-temp hot-glue on my designs), and/or (and probably the easiest) by leaving every other peg – or every 2 – empty on the edge rows, making sure that the empty spots alternate on the sides you’re going to line up, and then you just snap them together. Hope this helps 🙂

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