Bruce Lee game sprites

Finally I got back to retro gaming graphics. Already a long time I have wanted to do something with the Bruce Lee game that is one of my favorite Commodore 64 games. The game was released in 1984 for Atari and C64. If you can’t remember the game look it from the C64-wiki: Bruce Lee game info.

To start with I needed the sprites but I couldn’t find any decent ones. So I extracted them from the C64 version. I used the VICE emulator and game ROM from to play the game and take screenshots.

So here are the sprites. Note that it doesn’t include all sprites. For now I took just the ones I saw interesting for some use. I can extract the rest too if someone is enough interested to ask for them.

So the next posts will continue with the Bruce Lee theme. Let’s see what I can make out of these sprites.


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