Pokemon icon patterns

As I’m having a row of Pokemon posts here is an easy pattern sheet for kids bead works. These sprites are from the Pokemon Elite 2000 site. They are selected from the Diamond/Perl Pokemon icon sprites.


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  1. Remix on

    how do u do the patterns?

  2. piplup on

    I hv a key chain strap in cross stitch canvas, 10×100. I am looking for pokemon cross stitch pattern with width not more than 10 cnt. Is it possible to make mini pokemon with such small width?

  3. […] was perfect! I removed the flowers and counted the empty area. Then I googled and found, though this post, the Diamond/Pearl: Pokemon Icons that was the perfect size icons with few enough colors. I first […]

  4. nostalgiabased on

    Reblogged this on Jonaye L.B..

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