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Bubble Bobble poster

I wanted to make my own poster with retro gaming graphics. My initial idea was to try both commodore Bubble Bobble and Bruce Lee game graphics. I ended up playing both games and eventually decided to do only the BB poster.

The DOS version graphics and colors looked better so I took screenshots with DOSBox. The BB splash image was though taken from the Amiga version screenshot from Mobygames.

The poster was going to be printed in the default size 50x70cm. This leaved me an empty space that I filled with the story text from C64 game back cover. Here is the actual image used for printing the poster

Here is how it looks on the wall as a framed poster.

The poster looks really nice except that with glass the black color behaves a bit as a mirror and thus looks grey in the picture.


Bubble Bobble characters

I started to work on a Bubble Bobble poster and found out that most of the game characters have a name. A big bunch of additional information regarding bubble bobble can be found from the Bubble Bobble HQ.

From the C64 instructions I picked up the bw character drawings and colored them according the game screenshot colors. Now the cool BB characters are even cooler as I found out their names and have these nice drawed images in addition to the pixel sprites.

For playing the BB itself I recommend to use the PC version and to play it with DOSBox

Perler bead boxes

I helped my kids to make perler bead boxes. They made all the perler bead images and I did only the ironing. As you can see the kids combined Mario and Bubble Bobble images. The used Mario and bullet sprites are not from the pattern I posted previously but from the original Super Mario Bros. game.

I’m not sure how others have attached the sides but I used the iron to make them stick together.

Bubble Bobble bookmark

Now I made my first cross stitching exercise. I still continued with the Bubble Bobble theme as the graphics are so simple. I made this simple bookmark in 14ct aida.

Perler bead coasters

This is my first perler bead work. I used the Bubble Bobble pattern which I posted last time and made simple coasters from each character. All the characters fit nicely inside 19 bead diameter circle.

In the beginning I wasn’t sure how to iron these and after few coasters I started flat ironing them. I think it gives a more pixel like look for the pearler bead works.

Bubble Bobble pattern

As the first entry I’m posting this pattern with six Bubble Bobble characters. The sprites I took from the Shyguy Kingdom. It’s made for easy printing so that even kids could use it for their perler bead works.

I started with the BB figures as they are simple but still really great. I need these simple patterns for testing my skills and methods. I will post more this kind of stuff in the near future. The next post will though have something done from this pattern. I have already plans for big projects but I’m first trying to learn to do things properly. I’m collecting these patterns also to the separate “My Patterns” page.