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Bruce Lee game patterns

From the sprites I took I made easy to print patterns for using them in perler bead works. The pixels are unchanged from the C-64 sprites.


Super Mario wedding card

Continuing with the Super Mario World theme. I wanted to make my second cross stitching work. This time I decided to create my own design of Mario and Peach together for a wedding card. The design contains also a heart and the initial letters of the bride and groom. From the sprites I created one png containing the correct layout.

Using the image with kxstitch I created the following pattern. Wedding card pattern pdf

Here is the end result:

The stitching was made in a 14 count Aida fabric which was glued to a cardboard frame. On the other side the card contains a poem that I made and greetings for the newly wed. I’m pretty happy with the end result. The only thing I would change in the cross stitch is that Mario’s skin ended up just a bit too dark compared to the original sprite color. The cardboard frame was a bit challenging, maybe next time using a bit less glue would help. Hopefully the couple still liked it. 🙂 At least it’s personal and one of a kind.

Congratulations for the married couple!

Super Mario World patterns – part II

Here is the second half of the Super Mario World patterns. In the Mario, Luigi and Peach sprites I made changes because I wanted to have a smoother surface in some areas like in the faces. The second sheet contains just some miscellaneous sprites that I wanted to include in the set.

Super Mario World patterns

I have a Super Nintendo that I still use. My kids like a lot to play the Super Mario World game. So I’m posting several easy to print patterns from SMW. Here is the first half of the patterns. I’ll post the rest a bit later.

The sprites are collected from both Sprite Database and Shyguy Kingdom. From these the small Mario is the only sprite where I made changes so that it would look nicer in bigger scale.

Bubble Bobble pattern

As the first entry I’m posting this pattern with six Bubble Bobble characters. The sprites I took from the Shyguy Kingdom. It’s made for easy printing so that even kids could use it for their perler bead works.

I started with the BB figures as they are simple but still really great. I need these simple patterns for testing my skills and methods. I will post more this kind of stuff in the near future. The next post will though have something done from this pattern. I have already plans for big projects but I’m first trying to learn to do things properly. I’m collecting these patterns also to the separate “My Patterns” page.