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Perler bead Voltorb

Here is Voltorb to still continue my Pokemon series of Perler bead works.


Pokemon icon patterns

As I’m having a row of Pokemon posts here is an easy pattern sheet for kids bead works. These sprites are from the Pokemon Elite 2000 site. They are selected from the Diamond/Perl Pokemon icon sprites.

Bead Rapidash

After the previous work ended up successful I had to try out again with another pokemon to see if I really had learned something or was it luck. I selected the Rapidash pokemon as I like the sprite and now I had also more correct colors than previously when I did the Ponyta work.

The ironing was still difficult but maybe just slightly easier than previously. Except just a couple of beads the outcome is nice. So maybe I’ll try to make also a third bigger pokemon a bit later.

Perler bead Blastoise

I finally got around buying more peg boards so that I can now do bigger Perler bead works. I was also determined to figure out how the ironing should be done correctly for a nice flat and good looking result. The sprite was taken again from the Pokemon Elite 2000 What comes to the colors I don’t have normal brown. So I decided to make the whole shell with dark brown.

The ironing was the hardest part still. I first started ironing it wrong and had to stop doing it. Then after testing and reading more info I waited for a better day and finished the work with a decent end result. I might post later separately about the ironing technique itself.

Here is the result. It’s attached to the wall with needle pins. It’s size is about 32cmx32cm.

Perler beads Ponyta

I wanted to try out something a bit more challenging with the Perler beads. The Pokemon sprites have quite nice colors and there are many to choose from. From the Pokemon Elite 2000 I found the Ponyta sprite which barely fits to my four pegboard plate. I did’n make any special pattern for it. I just looked at the sprite and selected the colors according to what I had available. So the colors are not the correct ones. I also did some other minor changes. If I had nine pegboards I would have done the evolved version Rapidash.

I found out that the ironing is the hardest part of the work. If you look at the picture closer you can see that I need to train a bit more to get a smoother surface.