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Super Mario World backgrounds

For my new ideas I need more graphical material. Handily I can get those by playing the games in emulator. I started with the Super Mario World. I played it with snes9x emulator and took various screenshots.

From the screenshots I gathered these following background images. All these image wrap around so that they can be used for creating wider backgrounds like they are used in the game.


Super Mario wedding card

Continuing with the Super Mario World theme. I wanted to make my second cross stitching work. This time I decided to create my own design of Mario and Peach together for a wedding card. The design contains also a heart and the initial letters of the bride and groom. From the sprites I created one png containing the correct layout.

Using the image with kxstitch I created the following pattern. Wedding card pattern pdf

Here is the end result:

The stitching was made in a 14 count Aida fabric which was glued to a cardboard frame. On the other side the card contains a poem that I made and greetings for the newly wed. I’m pretty happy with the end result. The only thing I would change in the cross stitch is that Mario’s skin ended up just a bit too dark compared to the original sprite color. The cardboard frame was a bit challenging, maybe next time using a bit less glue would help. Hopefully the couple still liked it. 🙂 At least it’s personal and one of a kind.

Congratulations for the married couple!

Super Mario World patterns – part II

Here is the second half of the Super Mario World patterns. In the Mario, Luigi and Peach sprites I made changes because I wanted to have a smoother surface in some areas like in the faces. The second sheet contains just some miscellaneous sprites that I wanted to include in the set.

Super Mario mobile

Here is the first Super Mario mobile. It has five of the SMW power up items. The items are made from Perler beads. I used fishing-line to make the items to hang like a mobile. The hardest part was to iron the items nicely from both sides.

I have already an idea for a second mario mobile but I haven’t started it yet. It will include the piranha plant so I’ll post next the second part of the SMW patterns.

Perler bead boxes

I helped my kids to make perler bead boxes. They made all the perler bead images and I did only the ironing. As you can see the kids combined Mario and Bubble Bobble images. The used Mario and bullet sprites are not from the pattern I posted previously but from the original Super Mario Bros. game.

I’m not sure how others have attached the sides but I used the iron to make them stick together.

Super Mario World patterns

I have a Super Nintendo that I still use. My kids like a lot to play the Super Mario World game. So I’m posting several easy to print patterns from SMW. Here is the first half of the patterns. I’ll post the rest a bit later.

The sprites are collected from both Sprite Database and Shyguy Kingdom. From these the small Mario is the only sprite where I made changes so that it would look nicer in bigger scale.