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Monkey Island backgrounds

After a long time a decided playing again the original Monkey Island. I played it with my PC with the ScummVM.

Here are few screenshots:

From the screenshots I constructed few of the cool background images used in the game:

Mêlée Town

The Great Monkey Head

Cannibals’ village

Entrance to the catacombs


Super Mario World backgrounds

For my new ideas I need more graphical material. Handily I can get those by playing the games in emulator. I started with the Super Mario World. I played it with snes9x emulator and took various screenshots.

From the screenshots I gathered these following background images. All these image wrap around so that they can be used for creating wider backgrounds like they are used in the game.

Bubble Bobble poster

I wanted to make my own poster with retro gaming graphics. My initial idea was to try both commodore Bubble Bobble and Bruce Lee game graphics. I ended up playing both games and eventually decided to do only the BB poster.

The DOS version graphics and colors looked better so I took screenshots with DOSBox. The BB splash image was though taken from the Amiga version screenshot from Mobygames.

The poster was going to be printed in the default size 50x70cm. This leaved me an empty space that I filled with the story text from C64 game back cover. Here is the actual image used for printing the poster

Here is how it looks on the wall as a framed poster.

The poster looks really nice except that with glass the black color behaves a bit as a mirror and thus looks grey in the picture.

Bubble Bobble characters

I started to work on a Bubble Bobble poster and found out that most of the game characters have a name. A big bunch of additional information regarding bubble bobble can be found from the Bubble Bobble HQ.

From the C64 instructions I picked up the bw character drawings and colored them according the game screenshot colors. Now the cool BB characters are even cooler as I found out their names and have these nice drawed images in addition to the pixel sprites.

For playing the BB itself I recommend to use the PC version and to play it with DOSBox

Bruce Lee shopping bag

So this is my first Bruce Lee game art work. I used plastic pockets as template for stencils. From the previous posts game screenshot I copied the character positions and made a separate image using the sprites from the previous post. The result image was just resized larger for printing it in the correct size.

I made three stencils by putting the templates on top of the printed image and cutting out each color separately. After that I used the stencils on a plain white shopping bag and applied fabric paint colors one at the time with a small sponge. The only issues I had where about placing the stencils in the correct position and that the sponge is not the best solution. A silk screen would be a lot better. Now I used spray glue on the stencils for attaching them on the fabric.

Here is the end result

Bruce Lee game sprites

Finally I got back to retro gaming graphics. Already a long time I have wanted to do something with the Bruce Lee game that is one of my favorite Commodore 64 games. The game was released in 1984 for Atari and C64. If you can’t remember the game look it from the C64-wiki: Bruce Lee game info.

To start with I needed the sprites but I couldn’t find any decent ones. So I extracted them from the C64 version. I used the VICE emulator and game ROM from to play the game and take screenshots.

So here are the sprites. Note that it doesn’t include all sprites. For now I took just the ones I saw interesting for some use. I can extract the rest too if someone is enough interested to ask for them.

So the next posts will continue with the Bruce Lee theme. Let’s see what I can make out of these sprites.